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Your Ass Got Took

This song is by Scarface and appears on the album Mr. Scarface Is Back (1991).

Get 'em up motherfucker this is it
Hold them up where I can see 'em I take a small bit
'Cause if you make a false move it'll cost ya
No need to cry for help, the world just lost ya
Hell I don't give a fuck about not witnesses
Witness this
Make it so you can't be figured out
If you gotta kill a bitch, let her brain out
Have no mercy when you jack
Just the whole motherfuckin family in the black
Fuck a five-oh, you gotta bail out
Or your black ass is headed for the jail house
People all the judges wanna bust you
The D.A. does the hey and he agrees the court fuckin' up
Hey, the redneck judge caught a boot
A nigga like the Brad 'cause a nigga like the brad shoots
Don't be afraid my brother,
Put your finger on the trigger, close your eyes and squeeze the motherfucker
Fuck the press, you gotta pump your chest
If they don't cooperate, grab some hostages
Kick an old bitch in her pouch
Skull an old nigga, knock his motherfuckin dentures out
Push an old man out his wheelchair
He's still, his quill there, he gets killed there
If it's left up to me I'll bury em
They got a nigga livin' in a sanitarium
A real thief goes by the book
And that's the first example of your ass gettin' took

I'm pullin them motherfuckin boot falls
A nigga's dark as shit got me reachin' for the firearm
But I ain't goin' out like a sucker
I open up and fall down on the fucker
If you're caught in the crossfire
It musta been time for your ass to expire
'Cause I don't shed tears on a victim
Fuck with me, I gotta get him
That's how it is in the motherfuckin streets
Motherfuckin check your nuts and try to play a nigga weak
But I got a little news for your ass
Here's a little blast from the brad
Now put that in your pipe and smoke it
Put your hands around your dick and doke it
You gotta keep your nuts out your stomach fella
'Cause I'ma put a twelve gauge on your ass, nigga
And never take a second look
Your ass got took

Here's some game for you dick-suckin bitches
You're hoes who's givin' up the pussy for the riches
But a nigga like me don't pay shit
To put it blunt to you, homey don't play bitch
So open up and let me get it
Be payin' for the pussy, bitch with it
Ain't no pussy in the world worth cash flow
Put bank in your ass, oh no
It ain't no way, motherfucker
You can be the world's best dick sucker
But you still don't fit on the payroll
I run game on a bitch and lay low
And then I roll with someone else
And let the other motherfucker play himself
Let her get his cash flow
But I'm still gettin' that ass broke
Let the other nigga keep her
But every time you fuck her ain't that pussy gettin' deeper?
I bet it kinda makes you wonder
When you're home all alone, "Yo, action place is farther"
Ha ha ha, I thought you had her
But when you fall asleep, yo, she's rollin' with the Bradster
I peep out game and just chill
You gave her money for rent, but honey paid my light bills
It ain't like a nigga ain't rich
But a bitch has gotta pay for this dick
Reverse the game, get her hooked
Yo, her ass got took

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