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This song is by Scarface and appears on the album The Untouchable (1997).

(VERSE 1: Scarface)
It's been a long time comin'
But now I'm back up in this bitch to hit these niggas with this gangsta shit
I keep the strong rhymes runnin'
My shit don't switch, I'm 10 years in, and ain't changed one bit
It's all about the real, nigga
I keeps it real, nigga
And won't sell out for ??? with Tommy Hilfiger
Fucker, I figure niggas wanna see
The side of society they don't see on TV
So when I bring the shit, I bring the shit like I seen it
And when I scream the shit, I sing the shit like I mean it
No secret, these muthafuckas figure I'm a threat
'Cause I ain't fallin' short to the traps the demon set
Now sweat, cause now I got my head in your books
And when I think 'cracker', my definition read 'crook'
Now look, we're livin' under laws that they set
Back then we were treated like dogs and wasn't shit
And slowly but surely the shit changed
>From they fault, but if you black, then you get blamed
A damn shame, that means this muthafucka's one-sided
And blacks, we get lost in the sauce, because we unguided
These muthafuckas had a plan from the start
Get what they can get and rip they assholes apart
They smart

(CHORUS: Devin / (Tony 'Scarface' Montana))
They smart, man
(Those guys...)
You niggas better watch yo ass
(..They're the bad guys)
Them bastards they smart, man
(Those guys...)
It's up to us for how long we gon' last
(..They're the bad guys)

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