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Intro (Chopped & Screwed) (Version)

This song is by Scarface.

Yo 'Face, let's set it off

It was the day that hell had broke loose, demons in the sky with the?
Take over the heavens and burn it over
It's darker than the hearts of men, but I ain't scared 'cause I'm a soldier
I walk with my weapon across my shoulder
Refuse to live, yet impossible for me to say I'd rather die
'Cause I'm a killer with the devil's eye
I want the world to feel my heart, my heart, my set, my set
And these niggas who contested me regret that
Poisoning my own breed to terminate yo' offerin
And may they die young and never live to cause?
I'm just wrapped up inside a homicidal mind state
Destined to outrun the time it takes to catch fate
The day that shall come, that thou shalt be done
The day that I run till then I smile with the gun
Let off a shot and make the whole world hear it
Murder, I've written in blood, y'all fear it

As I walk through the valley of death I shall
Fear no man but God


Written by:

John Edward Rhone; Ontario Haynes; Johnny Dillard; Derek Lee; William Jordan

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