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I Ain't The One

This song is by Scarface and appears on the album The Fix (2002).

(Feat. W. C.)

(Intro: Scarface)
WC, Facemob, Southside, Westside
C'mon now, ah c'mon now
Don't stop (screamin my name) don't stop
Southside, Westside, Facemob, WC
C'mon now, c'mon now, c'mon now, c'mon now

I ain't the one, one is getting jacked for his flicky
He who fucks wit me, gets the itchy
Name a nigga, two times click it click it
Now you got a whole in your head lookin' sickly
I ain't the one, that's getting jacked for his new deuces
Or slapped toothless, ya doin' what cha doin'
So what you got a Forty Cal, I got a Forty Cal
Plus another Forty Cal with that
Any nigga plus the niggas that you run with
Don't make me up this motherfucker on some dumb shit
I ain't the one, I'm jus as phony as the next dude
You fuck wit me I'ma send your ass to Neptune
You can only hate me dog, but you can't play me dog
You best respect Facemob bitch 'cause I ain't the one

(Chorus: Scarface)
C'mon now, ah c'mon now
It don't stop
(Screamin my name)
It don't stop
What they want now?
What they want now?
What they want now?
(Screamin my name)
C'mon now, c'mon now, ah c'mon now
(Way in the back I hear 'em screamin my name)

I am the one to say I ain't the one then tug it, take dick and suck it
Sell you under 'em thangs without putting cum on it, fuck it, bitch
I'ma ghetto nigga, six fo' pedal nigga
From Bed Stuy to the Southside, the Westside nigga
Well knowin' to make the trigger jerk, push them twenty three's in the dirt
Run with niggas who got that work, from patient pills to pushin syrup
It's the murder choice, da-da-da-da off the bionic
It's WC and Face back on 'em draulics
We blazing no stems and like my nigga Shaquille O'neal
I keep 'em datin locals, hangin' on the center of rims
And hot ones, and these side guns will get you touched up
And if you think I'm just a rapper bitch ya got me fucked up
I ain't no nigga to be chasin no bitch lickin' her toes
Sharin ice cream cones, so play like the group I did bitch and get on
I'm a front line pusher, for the G's I stay on the defence
Stay by the lane and the gutter, bitch I ain't no sucka, not the one

I ain't the one, that's gettin' chased on from high school
I love to squabble, nigga that's what I do
I'm always on detention, I ain't give a fuck
Mr. Lee can suck a dick and leave addicted to nut
I ain't the one, to let a nigga disrespect me, or try to check me
Get the wet T, down with WC 'cause I'ma hood cat
Fuck a fine bitch but I prefer a hood rat
Love my grey Guch, I like my blunts long
Don't get it fucked up, I come on wit the come on
I hella cool dude, rub the wrong way
I'ma dangerous nigga, say what the song say
I live it and breathe it, I shit it and eat it
I ain't never been defeated, punked out mistreated
I'ma low key, OG, from OZ's, to hold ki's
I ain't the one, duck and hide from the homeboy
Hit the neighborhood, let's get it on boy
Let's throw a barbeque, or we can blow dank
If you don't smoke weed then we can have dranks
'Cause y'all are homeboys, kept the man fed
'Cause disrespect or not and come back and shed
So all you rappers hangin' with you posse's and click
Hit the streets and show your homies some love, they buying you shit

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