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Rain Tears

This song is by Scala & Kolacny Brothers and appears on the album Circle (2010).

Caffeine spills, as the world speeds by.
Train cacophony hides my sigh.
Raintears spill and the windows smear.
My tears spill because you're not here.

And in another place
Your kiss would dry my face.
Each passing field and tree
Separates you from me.
Raintears are all I see.

Gave my blessing, and you were gone.
Stars burnt out as the years rolled on.
Gave my heart, as I always do.
Lost myself the day I lost you.

And in another place
I'd heal in your embrace.
My honey-drizzled dreams
Sweeten lonely in-betweens.
Each passing day and year
Taunts me 'cause you're not here.

Wounds won't close
'Cause I know
Somehow I
Let you go.

Let me go.

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