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Not In Our Name

This song is by Saul Williams and appears on the album Not In My Name (2003).

Two autumns and I haven't changed enough.
It's September 12th and the sky has fallen. the sun has risen.
A city built to phallic dimensions has undergone circumcision (eight days
Under judaic law).
Dear diary, I'm fiery. divine winds my friend took me back to the beginning
When I swore it was the end.
From the fiery depths found the ocean within.
My pen/man/ship sails the strait through my lips.
I'm hip to your games, hip to the science of war.
Propaganda makes me fight but what am I fighting for?
My way of life: beans and rice, give or take less or more
See through the eyes of the poor. plus, I'm black to the core.
Ignorance is on tour booking stadiums and more.
The days of hitler painted pictures patriotic with gore.
You raise a flag on a land snatched from bald eagle's claw and stamp the
Symbol on your currency to finance your war I'm saying
No, not in my name, not in my life, not by my hands, that ain't my fight,
Not in my name
You fight a war against terrorists and violence and try to wave your guns to
Fear us all into silence.
You built your empire with natives and slaves like the truth won't
Resurrect waging war from its grave.
We got brothers on the sidelines ready for the frontline.
Tell me when it's my time
We got women on the sidelines ready for the frontline.
Tell me when it's my time.
You won't put it in your headlines. people are we that blind?
Do we need a headline? do we really?
If we only see what they want us to see we'll only be what they want us to
Be: fighting in their army!

We pledge resistance
Forward march!
They're closing in...
It's not about opposing armies. armies oppose the ancient truths of the
Shamans ands swamis.
It's not about retaliation your history of war does nothing more than scar
Imagination.increased security. religious purity.
Your blindfolded justice makes you trust in fortuity.
Like it's random. it's tandom. fuck you and damn them. you teach to attack
And then question who planned them.
You want to put me on your blacklist you can use my blood for ink
Your communion to drink
In remembrance of a nation that forgot how to think
Hypnotized by your lies without even a blink.
You want to put me in your blacklist...
In remembrance of the all eye seeing Big Brother
RIP to the powers that be
Overcome by the power of being

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