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Amethyst Rock

This song is by Saul Williams.

I stand on the corner of the block slangin' Amethyst Rocks
Drinkin' 40's of mother earth's private nector stock dodging cops
Cause 5-0 be the 666
And I need a fix of that purple rain
The type of shit that drives membranes insane
Oh yeah I'm in the fast lane snorting candy yams
That free my body and soul and send me like shazzam
Never question who I am
God knows
And I know god personally
In fact he let's me call him me
Yeah I'm serious "B"
Doe gone niggaz plotted shit lovely
But the feds is also plotting me
They're trying to imprison my astrology
Put our stars behind bars
Our stars and stripes
Using blood splattered banners as nationalist kites
But I control the wind that's why they call it the hawk
I am horas son of isis son of osiris
Worshiped as Jesus reserected
Like lazurith
But you can call me lazzy, lazy
Yeah I'm lazy cause id rather sit and build
Than work and plow a field
Worshiping a daily yield of catch green crops

Stealing us was the smartest thing they ever did
To bad they don't teach the truth to their kids
Our influece on them is the reflection they see
When they look into their menstural mirror and talk about
Their culture
Their existence is that of a skitsofrenic vulture
Yeah there's no repentance
They are bound to live an infinate consecutive executive life sentence
So what are you bound to live nigga
So while your out there serving the time
I'll be in sync with the sun while you run from the moon
Life of the womb reflected by guns worshiper of moons I am the the sun
And WE are public enemys number 1

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