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One Dream

This song is by Sarah McLachlan and appears on the Japan release of the album Laws of Illusion (2010).

We can feel a change is coming like a kiss upon a tide
Breathing life into every heart the hopeful kind of times
'Cause we'll walk this road together though at times we felt alone
In the struggle to leave dissent we find the strength one yet to find

You carry your courage carry the history
But all are gone before you
Wherever you come from
Or born of one dream finds you standing here

And you know that you can make it
You've got the whole world in your hands
And you've spent a lifetime working for this moment
And you are shining
You're all that you wanted to be

When you're airborne and free at peace with gravity
High above everyone can see the spirit of human ecology
How your flame keeps burning when you leave all doubt behind
It's a giant leap for mankind at peace we all shine


Written by:

Sarah McLachlan

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