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It's Not The End Of The World If He's Married

This song is by Sarah Brightman.

I love New York.
I love New York.
I love New York.
The words you see, on coffee cups, on shirts and hats, on lollipops, and baseball bats.
On pens and walls, on skates and cars, in libraries and singles bars.
On badges, flags, tattooed on skin.
Oh, New York,
I've never been so lonely.
Loneliness must be the worst feeling of all.
How many times can you walk 56th street?
Drives you mad. Worst time I've had.
How many times can you look at tall buildings?
Tall is tall, and that is all.

Don't see the harm it'll do, he seems such a nice man, and anything's better than watching those game shows or TV. commercials that sell you Miami all night.
Must be right.

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