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A Drop Of Time

This song is by Sara Noxx and appears on the album Paradoxx (1998).

Deliverance - of aching
Deliverance - of faking
Treating me, beating me,
Tremble with heat in me
Deliverance - of hoping
Deliverance - of doping
Engraving my fading skin
Engraving a kind of sin
Lick me now like a pearl of wine
Kick me now like a piece of grime
Hold me now like a dirty crime
Take me now - like a drop of time
Disarmament - of aching
Disarmament - of hating
Feeling me, healing me,
Ravage is sealing me
Disarmament - unspoken
Disarmament - unbroken
Sever me, ever me
Serve my sexuality
Publicity - for enemy
Publicity - for cruelty
Sever me, ever me
Serve my sexuality

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