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Jesus the Lord My Savior Is

This song is by Sandra McCracken and appears on the album The Builder and the Architect (2005).

Jesus the Lord, my Savior, is
Jesus the Lord, my Savior, is
My shepherd and my God
My light, my strength, my joy, my bliss
And I his grace record.

Whate'er I need in Jesus dwells,
And there it dwells in me.
'Tis Christ my earthen vessel fills
With treasures rich and free.

Mercy and truth and righteousness
And peace most richly meet
In Jesus Christ, the King of grace,
In whom I stand complete.

As through the wilderness I roam,
His mercies I'll proclaim.
And when I safely reach my home,
I'll still adore his name.

"Worthy the Lamb," shall be my song,
"For He for me was slain."
And with me all the heavenly throng
Shall join and say, "Amen"

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