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Age After Age

This song is by Sandra McCracken and appears on the album Best Laid Plans (2004).

On the edge of the river, the mighty Mississippi
Two boys spent their summers on the banks of the levy
When the waters burst and broke the dam
They were swallowed in a wave of sand
They pulled the younger one out by the hand-
(From) standing on his brother's shoulders.

One nation under God, young and proud she stumbled
With a trail of tears left by those who were outnumbered
She said, "This land is your land, this land is mine, unless you are an Indian"
But a higher ground we have tried to find-
Standing on their shoulders.

Age after age
Of heroes and soldiers
It gives me sight and makes me brave,
Standing on their shoulders

One man in the shadow of the white-washed cathedrals
Weighed down by the system through the eye of the needle
To his conscience bound he would not recant for the freedom of the Saints
And truth is truth is truth
And we are standing on his shoulders

To the ones left behind who are picking up the pieces
Of planes, bombs, and buildings of innocence and evil
'Cause when the news and noise and flowers die,
And you still wake up alone
There is a God who knows every tear you cry
And this world is on his shoulders

Age after age
Of all the heroes and the soldiers
So why am I so slow to change
When I am standing on their shoulders?
Age after age
Of (all the) heroes and soldiers
God, give me sight and make me brave...
As I am standing on their shoulders.

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