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The Real Deal

This song is by Sammy Hagar and appears on the album Ten 13 (2000) and on the compilation album This Is Sammy Hagar (2016).

Hey Roy, c'mon here man.
Sit down, brother. Do your thing. Oh

Uh, wooh, uh huh
This is who I am
What I believe
No trick in my pocket, baby
Nothing up my sleeve

This is what you get
For a hundred dollar bill
I know I ain't cheap, baby
But I'm the real deal, yep

This is how I dance
The way I sing
What I drink, uh
It's what's happening

Oh, this is who I am
The way I walk
The way I dress, wooh
That's the way I talk

C'mon Roy, talk to 'em
Mmm, wooh
Good God Almighty
That's right, wooh, uh

This is what you get, uh
For your hundred dollar bill
I know I ain't cheap, baby, uh uh
But it's the real deal

Now roll it on out, uh huh
Wooh, uh, the real deal
Hundred dollar bill
This is whatcha get
This is whatcha get
Hundred dollar bill
This is who I am, yeah


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