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Don't Get Hooked

This song is by Sammy Hagar.

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There's a sucker born every day
And we've all been sucked at once, at least, I'd say
Yeah, some keep goin' back to get sucked again
Till eventually, they suck you in

Do it once, do it again
Step back, see how deep you're in
Don't stand there holdin' when you should've booked
Don't get hooked
Ow, oh no

This special place where I can be
Custom-made as easy as 1, 2, 3
Yeah, do it again, do it again, do it again
Till I feel so good, I can't remember when

Just take it all, step on it twice
Hit the streets and roll them dice
Out the door but make sure you've looked
Don't get hooked
Ow, oh no
Don't get hooked

If it makes you feel good, get it all
That's what they say
But don't get hooked

That special one is always waitin' there
And when you miss your boat, Lord knows, it just ain't fair
And you're never sure, unless you're right
And the biggest flame always burns the brightest light

So check it out, check it close
Careful not to overdose
Nothing can be overlooked
Don't get hooked
Ow, oh no
Don't get hooked
Oh no no
Don't get hooked
Don't get hooked


Written by:

Sammy Hagar

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