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So Human

This song is by Salem Hill and appears on the album Be (2003).

Brave the knife to make 'em bigger
Take a pill to make it harder
Suck the fat then run the treadmill
Give 'em toys for time
Buy the land then pour the concrete
Drive the car but leave the kiddies
Break their bones then ask forgiveness
Pose while they're in rags

So human
Existential reverential
Contradicting self-restricting
So romantic yet pedantic
Corporeal tangential

Hurry up to catch the stoplight (Hurry, hurry, hurry up)
Sell your soul to snatch the spotlight (Smile, little buttercup)
Hoard the ribbons of your children (Give a curtsy flash a smile)
Vicars for your lives (Mommy's little clone beguile)
Pay the poseur pluck the preacher Let the TV be your teacher
Paid for beer expected champagne Now you take her home

So human
Existential (happy little lives) reverential (offer up some chives)
Contradicting (faith upon the sand) self-restricting (sitting on your hands)
So romantic (enchante l'amour!) yet pedantic (seen it all before)
Corporeal (give a little pinch) So surreal (do you like my fish?)

Existential (I think so I am) Reverential (Friday don't eat ham)]
Contradicting (paying for your trash) self-restricting (sitting on your ass)]
So romantic (ooh la la, cherie) yet pedantic (status quo for me!)
Corporeal (take a pound of flesh) tangential --

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