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Sailor Moon - Sailor Stars (English)

This song is by Unknown Artist.

Don't Give Up
For tomorrow Sailor Yell
I will catch you Sailor Star
Our Promise, to reach up to the galaxy!

From that moment when you disappeared,
'My journey to keep searching'
'For you has just started.

On the old yellow map'
There's a picture of a stencilled angel,
'Pointing at the evil Colosseum'
'As if it's beckoning me.

My trembling heart still remembers'
' A secret kiss on that day,
How hard my destiny shall turn out to be,
I will just look for you'

I won't regret! Sailor Eyes!
I will follow you! Sailor Wind!
This song will be a guidepost in the Milky Way,

Don't give up! For tomorrow, Sailor Yell!
I will find you! Sailor Star!
My Angel wings, fly me up to the sky!

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