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24 Hours

This song is by SMP and appears on the album Crimes Of The Future (2004).

24 hours for the nuclear powers
I wouldn't run like a coward but my courage is soured
So my mind's on the bottle and my hands on the
The LCD on the toggle so good-bye tomorrow
Now the payload is off and I don't have to regret it
Because it's fire and forget it, let the HQ sweat it
Cause there's flak in the air like the ozone's
And God is laughing at me 'cause my wings got tagged
Thumbing the chaff but it just didn't matter
Now Earth is falling at me 'cause gravity ravages
It's a balance of nature the Gs on my human form
Ejection sequence in the eye of the shit storm
Freefall freefall mind thinking about all those days
The wasted time, the pointless lies, the empty lives
The truth is, I didn't wanna die

Now I've been wandering the land, avoiding capture
The enemy is on patrol, he never sleeps
The uniforms they come and go, I've seen the change a
Hundred times
I've learned a wealth of knowledge, wartime
Technological advance
Come rescue me, why don't you come rescue me?
From Baghdad to Tehran not a soul to whisper, midnight
I see the fading skies and know, America has won, #1,
#1, #1

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