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Ready (To Love U)

This song is by Ryan Leslie and appears on the album Just Right (2005).

Baby girl, this could be the start of something real
Somethin' in the way you make me feel
Got me thinkin' 'bout you all the time, baby
And I know, know you might have heard this all before
But I'ma do my best this time to show
I'd give you the world if you were mine, baby

And it really doesn't matter
How many times I've told U
U know you've got my heart girl
It's time for me to show U
I know that you deserve it
Just look how long you've waited
So I'ma make it worth it
For you to be my lady
'Cause I'm ready to love U

Girl, I'm ready
And whatever you wanna do, we can do 'cause I'm ready
I know I'm ready
I'll give you what you've waited for, girl and more, 'cause I'm ready
Girl, I'm ready
I know you've been hurt before but
I'm ready
U ain't gotta hurt no more
I know I'm ready
For the commitment that you need from me
I'm ready to love you

I see the hesitation in your eyes
I see the way that you've been hurt by lies
But I ain't go no reason girl to lie to U, no
I'm try'na come as real as I can be
'Cause you're the only one that counts to me
The only one that makes me feel this way, this way


There's nothin' that I wouldn't do for U
Hey you deserve it when I love you down
You're the sweetest thing I've found
Girl there's nothin' like when you smile at me
That's why there's nothin' that I'd rather do
Girl I'm ready to love U

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