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One More Vote (One More Kiss)

This song is by Russ Case.

Hmm Hmm Hmm
(One more vote! One more vote! Speech! Speech!
One more vote! One more vote! Speech! Speech!)
Fellow cats, mesh your gears,
Won't you lend your politic ears?
I've a burnin' message
Listen, and I will quote: (Note!)
I'll donate you a ham! (Spam!)
A platter of fried frim fram!
And I'll give away a haircut with every vote (One more vote!)
I'm a hip candidate! (Great!)
A square deal for every gate! (Rate!)
No waltzes by brother Strauss,
A cement mixer with every house (Putty, putty!)
Vote for me, I'm the guy,
Who can get you some shoe fly pie,
At the racetrack I can give you the winnin' goat, (Won't you de note the dope?!)
Parlez vous entre nous (That's French)
Little of voutre for two (That's sent!)
You dig me an' I'll dig you,
So I quote: Vote! (Run some fun some!)
I want one more vote! (One more vote! One more vote!)
One more vote! (One more vote! One more vote!)
Stuff McDuff! (One more vote! One more vote!)
Lay it on till we get enough! (One more vote! One more vote!)
When we win I'll pitch a ball at the city hall! (Every hip cat!)
Vote with zeal Miss McNeil! (Vote with zeal!)
We'll cook up a groovy deal!
Get that feelin' everybody is eight foot tall! (Man. you're tall as a wall!)
Hear my jive man alive! (Drive!)
Get on buzzin' around the hive! (Jive!)
A one will get you five!
The squares are ready to take a dive!
On the hop blow your top!
Bring me home with the rebop de bop! (Mop!)
Dig each hot rod supped up hip cat that's in the know! (Joe, you sure on the go!)
Make 'em vote, drag 'em in! (Win!)
Remember, it ain't


Written by:

Josef Myrow; Edgar De Lange

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