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Nothing But The Sun

This song is by Runrig and appears on the album Mara (1995).

In there, Out there (repeat several times)

Then I began to see the sun and the moon
As I wandered round in orbit
On this land that I called home
No Messiah up in the sky
That I could ever see, that I could ever know
To find my soul

Standing in the face of the gale
A raging night on the island
I passed an old man with a dog
On a hillside
Head bent in the weight of years
Headed back indoors
Lost myself in a T.V.
Three women in a kitchen in Chechnya
Staring at the world with frightened eyes

And all I had done below the sun
Would count for nothing
In the turning of the world
When there is nowhere left to go
You walk alone and watch the void
Eclipse it all

Nothing but the sun
Nothing but the sun
Nowhere to run
Nothing but the sun

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