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'Stu Mo Leannan / Nightfall On Marsco

This song is by Runrig and appears on the album Recovery (1981) and on the album Once In A Lifetime (1988).

Nightfall on Marsco
Cuchullin in sheets
This world of Maclean's words
Around us like spirits released
I came to love you
I came to drink
Though dancing in darkness
I'm cup running over and drunk

Darkest of prisons
Oldest of nights
For the dawning round Garsbheinn
In patience we wait for the light
I am a climber
I am a thief
Oh kingdom of Gabbro
Your strong chains won't hold this love

'S tu mo Leannan, Leannan o
'S tu mo Leannan, Leannan o
'S tu mo Leannan, 'S tu mo Leannan
'S tu mo Leannan, Leannan o


Music by:

Rory MacDonald

Lyrics by:

Calum MacDonald

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