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The Curse

This song is by Running Wild and appears on the album Black Hand Inn (1994).

"John, you have been found guilty of being in league with the
Devil and of having used heathen and forbidden rituals.
You will be committed to the purifying fire!
So repent of your unholy sins that your soul can be saved
From eternal hell!"

"Your lies can't impress me, cause the truth will come to light!
Yes! I will set a mark for that I will return to reveal the
Holy truth and who's the true evil!

"So you will die by the fire!
Light up the stake!

And the young man was burned at the stake.
One charred black hand was all that was left of him.
From that day on the "hill of stakes" was called "Black Hand Hill"
And was avoided.

And then it all began!

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