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Who Are You New York?

This song is by Rufus Wainwright and appears on the album All Days Are Nights:Songs For Lulu (2010).

Saw you on the corner
Saw you in the park
Saw you on the platform
Of Grand Central Station

Saw you at the racetrack
Saw you on the lawn
Saw you in the Madison Square Garden screaming
Who are you? Who are you?

Saw in the rainbow
Saw you in the dark
Saw you on the landing of the Empire State Building
Who are you? Who are you New York?

There are many answers
There are many points
Take him or then take her
And then find them together
Who are you? Who are you?

The city will tell you
But I must know
Tell me do
Who are you New York?


Written by:

Rufus Wainwright

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