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Uranium Fever

This song is by Rudy Gaddis and appears on the compilation Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security (2005).

From the California mountains into New Mexico
Cross the state of Arizona where the Gila River flows
In the mountains down in Texas all along the Rio Grande
From Mojave, Colorado out across the Utah sands

They are searchin' every mountain, they are turnin' every stone
The strangest band of hunters that the West has ever known
While they trod across the desert as if guided by a star
They are searchin' ever searchin', oh what are they searchin' for?

Refrain: Why it's uranium fever that's got 'em on the go
How they stand the pace is somethin' I will never know
But they go right on a-searchin', just hopin' they will find
Hidden far off in the mountains there a rich uranium mine

They camp out on the desert and they're up before the sun
They hunt with Geiger counters instead of with a gun
They're not bothered by the weather while they're always on the go
They don't seem to mind the desert sun or the winter snow

They may never find a strike but hope is always there
For deep inside each one's the wish to be a millionaire
It's not silver they are seekin', it's not gold of any kind
They're not searchin' through the mountains for the old Lost Dutchman Mine


Written by:

R. Gaddis / J. Gaddis



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