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You Were There

This song is by Roy Orbison.

You were there when it started I remember it all so well
The lights for my stage were coming on at last

I waited for so long to have my chance at fortune
I guess I forgot about you

The light from the glitter blinded me, and I went after all who came
There were many ladies there all looking for me

They all seemed to love my singin', their beauty kept my head a-ringin'

I guess I forgot about you

The lights that were so bright started to flicker the ones that said they cared slowly disappeared
But who was there when I needed help? the one I'd forgotten all about, you were there

Yes, you were there through everything you believed me from the start
I don't see how I could have been so blind

It took me all this time to realise my fortune, all along it was you, all along it was you

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