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Spanish Nights

This song is by Roy Orbison and appears on the album I'm Still In Love With You (1974).

Harley Spanish nights
Are still on my mind
In a small café
We danced all night away
Don't lost in love in time

When I left that day I heard you cry and say
If you find someone new
You'll break your heart in two
You know what to do
Come back I still be too
With Spanish nights and you

I can't forget the day it's almost been away
Begging me to see a world not mend for me
Now my search is true I'm coming home
To Spanish nights and you

Magic Spanish moons
Sleepy afternoons
Fill my memory
Walking handing hands
By the sea and sand
I know you'll wait for me

Feeling all alone now I'm almost homeless
It's time I know I'll stay
The Lord has heard me pray
I have heard Him say
Lover on your day
Bring your Spanish nights away

I can see the summer light
Enlights and holding you
On this Spanish nights

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