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Night Owl

This song is by Roy Orbison and appears on the compilation album The Soul of Rock and Roll (2008).

Along... thirty, and you feel real flirty
And you wanna start running around
Well, you put off your study, call your best school buddy
Then proceed to paint up the town

You're told to be back at nine, but you're havin' a time
Then you come home as late as can be
Still you don't go to bed, you stay up instead
'Cause you've gotta watch a little TV

Night owl, night owl, what you gonna do
When the teacher finally catches on to you?
Night owl, night owl, better study hard
There'll be no dating when your daddy gets your report card

Well, you're up in a stew because your homework's due
And you didn't get your book review
You tell the teacher man that you didn't understand
You'll get it in a day or two

Night owl, night owl, you've done it again
You didn't get to school until half past ten
Night owl, if you have a big weekend
You better tear up the note that your teacher sent

You get a promise from your mama that the date'll have to wait
Looks like you'll never ever win
But you played her real cool, and you do better in school
Then the night owl flies again
The night owl flies again

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