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No More Doggin' (1982)

Rosco Gordon - No More Doggin'

No More Doggin'

  1. Just a Little Beat
  2. That's What You Do to Me
  3. No More Doggin'
  4. Goin' Home Tomorrow
  5. A Fool of Love
  6. Dapper Dan
  7. I'm Locked Up
  8. Surely I Love You
  9. Every Night in the Week
  10. What I Wouldn't Do
  11. Let 'em Try
  12. Sit Right Here
  13. My Chick
  14. Jelly, Jelly, Jelly
  15. New Orleans, La

Memphis Tennessee (2000)

Rosco Gordon - Memphis Tennessee

Memphis Tennessee

  1. Memphis Tennessee
  2. Sit Right Here
  3. Bad Dream
  4. It Takes a Lot of Lovin'
  5. No More Doggin'
  6. Now You're Gone
  7. Just a Little Bit
  8. Let's Get High
  9. Jelly Jelly
  10. Tell Me I'm the One
  11. Cheese & Crackers
  12. You Don't Care About Nothing
  13. Interview With Roscoe Gordon

The Legendary Sun Classics (2010)

Rosco Gordon - The Legendary Sun Classics

The Legendary Sun Classics

  1. T-Model Boogie
  2. Decorate the Counter
  3. I Wade Through Muddy Water (And Across the Burning Sands)
  4. I Love You Better Than I Love Myself (Tell Me Pretty Baby)
  5. Just Love Me Baby
  6. Weeping Blues
  7. Do the Chicken (Dance With You)
  8. Love for You, Baby
  9. That's What You Do to Me
  10. I Found a New Love
  11. I Don't Like It
  12. Cheese and Crackers
  13. Sally Jo
  14. Shoobie Oobie

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b.1928, d.2002

  • Inventor of Rosco Rhythm which influenced reggae music as a whole.

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  • The Beale Streeters

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