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Buggy Ride

This song is by Roosevelt Sykes and appears on the compilation album Dirty Mother for You (1998).

I'm 'onna flag me a buggy ride
And I'm goin' to the back of town
I'm 'on flag me a buggy ride, man
An I'm goin' on to the back of town
They tell me dey play the blues back there
And I likes the way they sound, man

Now, you gon' meet old Thin Belly
And you gonna see Sister Kokomo
Yeah, you gon' meet Thin belly
And you gonna see Sister Kokomo, my!
They say she wins all the money
And I b'lieve she's got a mojo, mercy!

'Oh, yeah, ride'
'Ride on' (piano)

'Whoa, yeah ride'

'Walk that dog a while, now (you in now)

She cook me a pot a-neckbones
Told me it was Rhode Island Red, my my
(That sister Kokomo, that what she done)
She cooked a pot a-neckbones
And told me it was Rhode Island Red
I said, look-a-here, baby
If that's chicken I want you to show me
His feets and head

Now, if you wanna have a good time
Just lay yo' money on the line
Man, d'you wanna have a ball?
Just lay dat money on the line
Whoa, they got that good hot fried fish
And that good old corn moon shine...

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