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Ronnie Dunn (2011)

Ronnie Dunn - Ronnie Dunn

Ronnie Dunn

  1. Singer In A Cowboy Band
  2. I Don't Dance
  3. Your Kind Of Love
  4. How Far To Waco
  5. Once
  6. Cost Of Livin'
  7. Bleed Red
  8. Last Love I'm Tryin'
  9. Let The Cowboy Rock
  10. I Can't Help Myself
  11. I Just Get Lonely
  12. Love Owes Me One
  13. Boots And Diamonds (iTunes US Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
  14. King Of All Things Lonesome (iTunes US Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

Peace, Love And Country Music (2014)

Ronnie Dunn - Peace, Love And Country Music

Peace, Love And Country Music

  1. Grown Damn Man
  2. Cadillac Bound
  3. Cowgirls Rock 'N Roll
  4. Heart Letting Go
  5. You Should See You Now
  6. Country This
  7. I Wish I Still Smoked Cigarettes
  8. Let's Get The Beer Joint Rockin'
  9. You Don't Know Me
  10. Romeo And Juliet
  11. Kiss You There
  12. Thou Shalt Not
  13. They Still Play Country Music In Texas
  14. Peace, Love And Country Music

Tattooed Heart (2016)

Ronnie Dunn - Tattooed Heart

Tattooed Heart

  1. Ain't No Trucks in Texas
  2. Damn Drunk (featuring Kix Brooks)
  3. I Worship the Woman You Walked On
  4. That's Why They Make Jack Daniels
  5. I Put That There
  6. Young Buck
  7. I Wanna Love Like That Again
  8. Still Feels Like Mexico (featuring Reba McEntire)
  9. Tattooed Heart (cover of "Tattooed Heart" by Ariana Grande)
  10. This Old Heart
  11. Only Broken Heart in San Antone
  12. She Don't Honky Tonk No More

Songs on Compilations

  1. She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Double) on the VA compilation American Heartland (2013)


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Artist information:

  • Born: June 1, 1953

Real name:

Ronnie Dunn is a performance name for Ronnie Gene Dunn.

Years active:

1983–1989; 2010–present (solo career) 1990–2010, 2015-present (Brooks & Dunn)

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