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Poor Helpless Dreams

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and appears on the album Exit Strategy of the Soul (2008).

Of all the virtues known to man
Patience is one I understand
It's in the coming through, the coming through
Where it pays off in the end

We've all been distracted by the unreal
Told to take shortcuts sold to make deals
But it's in the coming through, the coming through
Where a true heart is revealed

I can't give up on all these poor helpless dreams
For what have they got if they don't have me
Poor helpless dreams
Got to face up to my responsibilities
No, they don't have much they're counting on me
Poor helpless dreams

They'll not desert you, so don't you cry
It's not some heroic sacrifice
Baby, it's nothing new, it's nothing new
But it can get you though your life

And though a dream may seem aloof
Your heart runs on faith your mind on proof
But it's in the coming true, the coming true
Where they're finally introduced

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