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One Grey Morning

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and appears on the album Whereabouts (1999).

You can count on many things to let you down
You can take your plans and stick them six feet underground
But wouldn't your time be better spent on days to come?
Not the ones that went and left you on a doorstep one grey morning

There is a rumour and everybody's so convinced
But you don't believe, your eyes have seen no evidence
Of any good left in this town, of any need to be hanging around
But you'll leave the sun behind you one grey morning

One grey morning, one of many grey mornings
Always turning up without warning
One grey morning, one of many dream orphans
Always turning up on your doorstep

You follow up on all the leads that lead nowhere
Trying to recognise the need inside that led you there
You'll either listen to your heart, or go drown it out in a noisy bar
Till you're overcome by the silence one grey morning

One grey morning like today


Written by:

Ron Sexsmith

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