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In This Love

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and appears on the album Grand Opera Lane (1991).

You are really something else
And you've been so good to this old hound
That I forget myself
When you're around

But if you should turn me away
My love will come back to haunt you
I can't make it on my own
But tell me why, why would I want to?

I've been in this love too long
And I can't recall what it's like to be downhearted
I've been holding you so strong
And I can't recall where it all started

You and me we got everything we need
To get all that we desire from this marketplace
But it's not about greed
And it's not about waste

It's just like that old movie song
That one about the Georgie girl
And it's true that we window shop too long
We'll get nothing back from this old world

Was it in the summer or the fall?
Was it in this lifetime at all?
I don't know, I don't recall
Seems like it's always been this way

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