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In Place Of You

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and appears on the album Ron Sexsmith (1995).

In place of a brick wall you made a window
In place of a dark hall you painted a mural
Where there was only weeds you raised a garden
And if I've failed to notice, I'm sorry, darling

If you were gone what would I do?
'Cause no one could ever take the place of you
If you should go where would I be?
In place of you, an empty space for me

In place of wandering blind you put direction
In place of squandering my love and affection
You built a place for me, where I could store it
And I'm eternally grateful for it

There is so much from what I've gathered
To put in place of these things you think you need
In place of emptiness you put fulfilment
In place of bitterness you put endearment

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