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Road To The Richest

This song is by Romeo.

'Cause I have no limit.
It's the next generation
Yeah, I say I say I have no limit

I'm smiling in your face like I really like ya
You 'ain't on my level yeah I just physced ya
I'm a carnivore trapped in a vegan body
When that moon shine you don't wanna be beside me
I'm on the road to the riches ask anybody
Little kids, dope boys, fan based everybody
They think I gang bang 'cause I ain't never been touched
I'm that black cat... homie good luck
My elavator (?) stuck on up
If you ain't with the team then the doors stay shut
I told my heart to chill out all I need is guts
Drake I'm bout to stay faithfull in a world full of sluts

And if you think your on my level then you better take the elavator up, uup
Yeah, 'cause I'll be waiting at the top
Yeah my team ranks supreme were the flyest on the scene yeah

I'm on that road to the richest
Yeah we on that road to the richest
Ro ro ro road to the richest
You see me on your television 'cause I'm aiming with percision
I play a position ha
Smiling at you snitches

On that highway to success you better keep the road open
I'll be hustlin' all day like I stole somethin'
If success pull a glory why you (?) suffering?
They be like d v let me hold somethin'
Treat 'em like kings supply what they need
Instead of white bricks I give 'em cds
When they hear I they feel it, (?)
Young college student
If I got it I mise well spend it
Will I go broke yeah there's no limit
Hotter then a (?) girl blow me like a torch
Who got next I'm on the top floor

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