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The Fish Report With A Beat

This song is by Roger Waters and appears on the Bootleg box set A Tree Full of Secrets (2000) by Pink Floyd.

Jim: It's time now for the Radio KAOS sports fishing program so let's go now to studio B and our own Burton L. Wildebeest... Burton?

Burton:Oh! Ladies and gentleman, the triumphant return of the fish report with a beat. Featuring Paraquat Kelly and his fishing companion Cynthia Fox.

Cynthia Fox: Ooh, Sieman's grotto sperm bank paying lots of interest to large deposits, penalties for early withdrawals though, reports 93 heat seeking wool probers, 85 red rock hard rock cod, 56 man sized love mussels, 22 tantalizing trouser trout, 35 naughty bits, and 77 throbbing tube steak turbo.

Paraquat Kelly: Marina dildo, 12 Venice anglers, now for the fish. 16 how-do-you-do-das, 7 rectal lobotomy cod, your shovel nose sturgeon, 2 bone eater, a wool labur, a gherkin jerger, your beef puppet, a vermin baj snapper, and my favorite; the rump ranger.

Cynthia Fox: Oh my oh my. Port San Louie home of those ever popular whale sized boners reports 999 fine whammin' jammin salmon, 42 perverted perch, 15 throat oysters, 12 air biscuits, 65 lusty lump suckers, 33 chastity belt smelts, a school of grunt clusters, and one very large variable speed vibrating halibut plug.

Paraquat Kelly: Mmmmm, grunt clusters, my favorite. And that'll do it for this edition of the fish report with a beat

(Several / all): in stereo.

Jingle: K A O S radio

Jim: We think of it as main street, but to the rest of the country it's Sunset Strip. You're listening to KAOS in Los Angeles

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