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Victorian Squid

This song is by Robyn Hitchcock and appears on the compilation album You & Oblivion (1995) and on the compilation album While Thatcher Mauled Britain (2007).

Victorian squid is a delight
For all the family because
It's greasy and hot
When you've had lots
Then you'll want more

There's old H.G. Wells
Lying in bed
With his new housekeeper with
Hot squid by their side
Glowing with pride
Flushed with exhaustion

Victorian lungs
Victorian skin
Victorian tongues
Victorian sin
Victorian parks
Victorian moans
Victorians darkness

Victorian squid down on the beach
Is an embarrassment to
Respectable girls
Walking with pearls
And their fiances

"Oh, Edward my love
Is that a squid?"
"Yes, I fear so, my pet
But, pray, leave it alone
Let us go home
And take some cocoa."

Victorian arms
Victorian legs
Victorian charms
Victorian eggs
Victorian boys
Victorian girls
Victorian darkness

Every night our voices meet in darkness
Clicking feet on hollow streets
The fanlight falls across the city
Onto me and Mistress Kitty
Pray that someone breaches her
Between the walnut and the fur to
Where she keeps her real secret hid
She's a Victorian squid


Written by:

Robyn Hitchcock

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