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This album was the Album of the Week from 14 April 2008 to 20 April 2008
Album by Robin Trower.
  1. Day of the Eagle
  2. Bridge of Sighs
  3. In This Place
  4. The Fool and Me
  5. Too Rolling Stoned
  6. About to Begin
  7. Lady Love
  8. Little Bit of Sympathy
1999 bonus tracks
  1. Day of the Eagle (live)
  2. Bridge of Sighs (live)
  3. Too Rolling Stoned (live)
  4. Lady Love (live)
  5. Little Bit of Sympathy (live)
2007 bonus tracks
  1. Bridge of Sighs (BBC sessions)
  2. In This Place (BBC sessions)
  3. Alethea (BBC sessions)
  4. Little Bit of Sympathy (BBC sessions)
  5. Fine Day (BBC sessions)
  6. Confessin' Midnight (BBC sessions)
  7. It's Only Money (BBC sessions)
  8. Gonna Be More Suspicious (BBC sessions)


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