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Free Again (1961)

Robert Pete Williams - Free Again

Free Again

  1. Freed Again
  2. Almost Dead Blues
  3. Rolling Stone
  4. Two Wings
  5. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
  6. Thumbing a Ride
  7. I've Grown So Ugly
  8. Death Blues
  9. Hobo Worried Blues
  10. Hay Cutting Song

Those Prison Blues (1963)

Robert Pete Williams - Those Prison Blues

Those Prison Blues

  1. I'll Be Glad When I'm From Behind Iron Walls
  2. Louise
  3. Blue in Me
  4. Come Here Baby, Tell Me What Is Wrong With You
  5. I Got the Blues So Bad
  6. Boogy Woman
  7. Pardon Denied Again
  8. Army Blues
  9. Blues in the Dark
  10. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
  11. Angola Special

Ferraillages (1980)

Dick Annegarn & Robert Pete Williams - Ferraillages


  1. I Wrote My Woman a Letter
  2. Drag for You, Baby
  3. Baby Please Don't Go
  4. Mamma Had a Shotgun
  5. I'm Goin' Away

Other Songs

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  1. Been Mistreated So Long
  2. Can't Yo-Yo No More
  3. Dyin' Soul
  4. High As I Want To Be
  5. I Had Trouble
  6. I'm Lonesome Blues
  7. Just Tippin' In
  8. My Daddy Was A Hoodoo Man
  9. Out All Night Long
  10. Poor Bob's Blues
  11. Poor Boy, Long Way From Home

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1914, d.1980
  • Occupation: musician, songwriter
  • Instruments: vocals, guitar

Years active:

Late 1950's-1980

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