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The Bluebird Recordings 1937-1938 (1997)

Robert Nighthawk - The Bluebird Recordings 1937-1938

The Bluebird Recordings 1937-1938

  1. Tough Luck
  2. Lonesome World
  3. G Man
  4. Don't Mistreat Your Woman
  5. Prowling Nighthawk
  6. Sweet Pepper Mama
  7. My Friend Has Forsaken Me
  8. Mean Black Cat
  9. Brickyard
  10. Mamie Lee
  11. Take It Easy Baby
  12. I Have Spent My Bones
  13. C N A
  14. Every Day and Night
  15. Ol' Mose
  16. You're All I've Got to Live For
  17. She's Got What It Takes
  18. Next Door Neighbor
  19. Big Apple Blues
  20. Freight Train Blues
  21. Good Gamblin'

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Artist information:

  • b.1909, d.1967
  • Instruments: Vocals, slide guitar, harmonica

Real name:

Robert Nighthawk is a performance name for Robert Lee McCollum.

Also known as:

Robert Lee McCoy

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