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Plutonic Friends

This song is by Robert Moses & The Harmony Crusaders and appears on the album Plutonic Friends (2018).

I was rolling in my sleep, then awake. In despair, then elated.
A spirit entered me and I felt majestic like an eagle, then vulnerable like a tadpole.
The cold night air switched on and I saw my brother and I holding down the backyard, heaving stones, lighting fires, burning letters, smoke rings singing.
But, the bridge I had always known, where is it? It was just under my feet.
The river we had treasured drained in an instant, the sky swelled.
A thin man entered to my left.
He said. "Why cry now?"
I went blank. I showed dumb strength and roared into the emptiness.
He said. "No more tears. It's over." He waved above my head, motioning to someone I couldn't see.
I said, "But I'm not ready to go. It's too early. Let me speak to him once more."
He gently lifted my chin and I felt foolish.
Then a curious wind spoke to me. "Be still. More Friends are on their way." A new love said, "Be with me," I said, "I will."

Then I was standing beneath a star smeared sky,
My back to a deep lake, all around me I was in the company of friends.
And while I was there my tongue trembled. Did they come to me, or me to them?
What draws us together?
Why are we here?
Calling them ally or foe made was irrelevant, even those entering my life seemingly to do harm, to bring risk, for they are both and neither!
We meet, we retreat, but do we bow in respect?
Oh, how I manufacture imaginary hardships where they don't already exist, and then coddle and worship them!
There is no luscious harmony without real hardship, and it's spread before me.
You who bring gifts of growth through trial, doubt and courage, through your very existence - welcome Plutonic Friends!

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