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Indiscreet III

This song is by Robert Fripp and appears on the album The League of Gentlemen (1981).

"It took me a couple of listens to get into the new album."

"It is not good enough!"

"There's no real future in it, like that's music of the past."
"Yeah, it'll be back... it'll be back again in ten years."
"It seems like your album would probably do better in, like, the Southwest and the Midwest and... I hesitate to use the word again, you know, the country areas where they sort of like that guitar sound."

"Why should we put up with this nonsense?"
"I think it stinks!"
"We need a big change."
"It definitely has to be changed some time."

"Yeah, I love it! I think it's great!"

"And it took me a while to sort of key into the guitar solos because they're not really very out front. Before I got your record I got the Talking Heads record, and that sort of, like, hit me immediately for some reason, like, I really liked that a lot. When I heard yours, I think my initial response was to want more rave..."

"We can do a lot better."

"...Like I was spoiled by seeing Television live."

"This is excellent, but it's not for me because I want something that I can get my teeth into in a different way. It may be that another way I see involves a degree of submission and acceptance of a very strict discipline."

"A way of life."

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