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Album by Robert Cray.
  1. Moan
  2. I'll Go On
  3. Steppin' Out
  4. Never Mattered Much
  5. Tell The Landlord
  6. Little Boy Big
  7. Enough For Me
  8. Jealous Love
  9. Will You Think Of Me
  10. Holdin' On

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Studio albums: Who's Been Talkin' (1980)Bad Influence (1983)False Accusations (1985)Strong Persuader (1986)Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (1988)Midnight Stroll (1990)I Was Warned (1992)Shame Plus A Sin (1993)Some Rainy Morning (1995)Sweet Potato Pie (1997)Take Your Shoes Off (1999)Shoulda Been Home (2001)Time Will Tell (2003)Twenty (2005)This Time (2009)

Live albums: Live From Across The Pond (2006)Live At The BBC (2008)

Compilations: The Score Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol. 16 (1993)Heavy Picks - The Robert Cray Band Collection (1999)

Collaborations: Showdown! (1985) (with Albert Collins And Johnny Copeland)

Appears on: A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan (1996)The Best Blues Album In The World...Ever! (2000)Crossroads: Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2004 (2004)

Crossroads: Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2007 (2007)
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