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Fadin' Away

This song is by Robert Cray and appears on the album Twenty (2005).

You find you can't
Get away from your trouble
Hang on
It will soon fade away

Nothin' stays the same
Just like night turns to day
Hang on
Cause it's fadin' away

I feel the gloom and despair
Everything is turned around
And sometimes it just isn't fair
You get kicked when you're down

Remember, the good times always follow the bad
Pretty soon
It will all fade away

Cause you can't go back
To what you never had
Hang on
Cause it's fadin' away, fadin' away

If this lonely world seems so damn cold
And you find yourself
Losin' control
Hang on
Hang on

Oh, when you're feelin' sad
That you've been misled
Hang on
They'll soon fade away

Ain't it a shame?
No one takes the blame?
Hang on
Cause they're fadin' away, fadin' away
They're fadin' away

Ain't it a shame?


Fadin' away, fadin' away

Nothing stays the same

Fadin' away, fadin' away

Like night turns to day


Faded away, faded away
Faded away

Nothing stays the same


Fadin' away


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