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Darktown Gambling (The Crap Game)

This song is by Robert and Charlie Hicks and appears on the compilation Please Warm My Weiner: Old Time Hokum Blues (1974) and on the compilation album Barbecue Bob, Vol. 3 (1929-1930) (1991) by Barbecue Bob.

- Hello there Bob
- why you say that Charlie?
- That's what you doing for a living now?
- Yes I bought a guitar ___ now. What you doing for a living?
- Shooting crap boy, something you can have money all the time! You like to shoot some?
_ Yeah I'll shoot you a little?
_ Come on in the house then, we'll shoot some. If you're lucky you can win, and if you ain't you'll have to beat the man to the pawn shop in the morning
- All right, you got any dice?
- Yeah I got some
- Let see 'em? What is these? Horses, a ____ a mule? What is these?
- I don't know, they may be cows, I didn't make the dice. But I shoot you some, and you can shoot 'em
- All right let me shoot them, here I go
- All right
- Huh Seven
- Hold them! My call, that's a little strike before you shoot the dice, grab them up in the rough, Shake them from the elbow down to your ... wrist, do not be ___ to smother, throw them, throw them where it will or may, then will I lose? Maybe
- Yeah I go again
- Allright
- Huh, Seven
- Hmm, sure ain't lucky, All right
- Huh, Eleven
- Good God, wait, hold 'em let me shoot them some
- All right, shoot 'em then
- Watch me now, I'm going, Huh Eighter, huh, what am I guess? That was your walk around the bend. Now I'm gonna be even daddy
And ain't gonna fall in
-Yeah you keep choking them dice and I'm gonna knock you in, you see
- All right I'm gone, Huh
- Hold 'em now, I caught that now, you keep choking them dice, I don't like that funny stuff
- _____ has abit of dough, shake well before before take, put your money on the wood, let the bed go good, down it, get them round it
- I'm gonna take it if I don't win, if you keep it choking them dice like that
- Huh, Oh lil' eighter, huh, stop right there, hold it, let me shimmy watch while I go
- Hold them there, I don't like that funny stuff, listen I wanna play my blues, you ain't shooting them dice right
-- Well all right you'd rather play your blues, go ahead and play them.

Keep on Ben, these old dice won't pay
If you keep on Ben, these old dice won't pay
I will sit right here until you get my lay

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