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Honey Don't

This song is by Ringo Starr and appears on the album Ringo Starr & All-Starr Band (1990).

This song is a cover of "Honey Don't" by Carl Perkins.
Well how come you say you will when you won't
Say you do, baby, when you don't
Let me know, honey, how you feel
Tell the truth now, is love real?

Honey don't
Honey don't
Honey don't
Honey don't
I say you will when you won't
Honey don't

Well, I love you, baby, and you oughta know
I like the way that you wear your clothes
Everything about you is so doggone sweet
You got that sand all over your feet

Well, someone's gotta love ya on a Saturday night
Sunday morning, you don't look right
You've been out paintin' the town
Baby, been steppin' around

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