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This song is by Ringo Starr and appears on the album Postcards From Paradise (2015).

At an old café in a roundelay my baby said to me
This ain't no time for any nickel and dime or a wasted memory
So you all gather round, it's about the town and its sounds of history
And our rhythms play that rode the waves and brought you back to me
Keep cool yah... Can't fool yah... Bamboula

Down in Congo Square, not so long ago, a Creole beat would play
An old quadroon in a big bad moon would dine on etoufee
Or maybe dig the gumbo rumble in a mumbo jumbo way
For a sweetheart deal whit a heart real he'd play and she'd sashay
I'm calling... you all in... New Awlins

With a Creole girl and a crème brulee takin' all my breath away
With every little lazy lay, feelin' oh so je ne sais
There's no time to hesitate, never early, never late
Let us keep it straight, never separate, this is not too intimate

Engaging... the rage in... that's Cajun
Engaging... the rage in... what's Cajun
I'm callin' you all in, I'm callin' you all in, I'm callin' you all in
To New Awlins

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