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Lyin To Me

This song is by Rihanna.

V1:ooh yeah
Baby I saw you dancin around messin about
Gettin' drunk eatin junk baby
Don't mess with my head baby that's
What I said

Don't keep lyin' to meee
Or I'll end up lyin' back
I'm gonna make you seeeeeee
That your an idiot of thaaat

V2: baby you need a new life
I'll help you along
By making a cake 'n' give you a slice

The reason 'm singin' this song
Is to tell you we'll never belooooong no noowhoawhoa

V3:are you gowuna play niiice
You betta do 'cause
Stop it, stop it, stooop iiit
I'm sick of you
Stop it stop it stop it lyin' to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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