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Made Men

This song is by Rick Ross.

(Rick Ross)
Two door Bugatti coupe
I call it Katy Perry
Wiz Khalifa papers
Smokin' my favorite berry's
F65 I call it Rihanna
It got a red top but it's white like Madonna
Made man, you hear what I said
Having a slumber party all my bitches counting bread
Made man, also known as Papi Chulo
And I'm running straight up in the culo
My wrist always on frio, call me chilly chill
Super head and super head, and I really will
Californication, Motivation in my pocket
Got on my blue Dickie, shout out my n-gga Rocky
Still smoking sickie, it ain't no other option
Not for made n-ggas and I'm never stopping
I raised the bar, I set the standards
My yayo, Usher Raymond, that b-tch just keep on dancing

Dollar bills on top of dollar bills
That's all I'm throwing, if she won't her momma will
Made n-ggas, talking a lot of skrill

8 digits a n-gga tryna live

Made man, you hear what I said
I got a hundred squares
If you scared, called the feds
Made men, I'm screaming dollar bills
Park the trunk on the Porsche
There they go, Dollar bills

Riding round the city, plastic cup of Henny
Find a n-gga like me, truth to be told, I don't know many
I say shout my driver Lauren, that's 62 with curtains
Can't see shit, I don't know where the f-ck I'm at for certain
When it boils down, I'm just a T.O n-gga
But bitches tell me that I just look like a creole n-gga
New Orleans know it's love, every time I'm in town
Shout out my n-gga tens, that's my brother my round
Spending tomorrows money, I call it ma

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