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Arab Money

This song is by Rick Ross.

Ron Brownz
Yes! I'm way back in the most amazing way
Well lemme introduce you to the new talk
Let's get straight to it, c'mon

We gettin' Arab Money
We gettin' Arab Money
We gettin' Arab Money
We gettin' Arab Money

Now there ain't no way that you could kill the beats dead
Middle East women and Middle East bread
I got Oil Well money in the desert playing Golf
Don't ? with a Louis Scarf
Chest cold diamonds make a wanna cough
In Dubai 20 million on a few lofts
I stay up in da club
The way I make the people wanna sing the hook in Arabic

Seven Star Hotels, Maybach, Movies
Sick big, knock camel toe
Women walking around while security on camel back
Club on fire now, dunno how to act
Sitting in casino's while I'm gambling with Arabs
Money so long watch me purchase pieces of the Almanac
Ya already know I got the streets bust
While I make ya bow down makes a lot out a

See now I take trips to Baghdad
Use a stack of chips to count Arab money now
I don't need to get fresh I'm bout to grow a beard dude
So much cake even the money look weird too
Don't mess the bread and the broad I'm trying to eat like
Prince, respect the value of ma work
In Maui, Malaysia,
Iran and Iraq, Saudi Arabia!


Written by:

Rondell Edwin Turner; Trevor Smith

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